Travel and Risk Advisory Services

Alchemy Global have you completely covered when it comes to overseas trips, providing a travel risk management service that encompasses every journey element from planning to route recommendations and vital intelligence. We liaise with travel management departments to ensure clear communication, reporting and live tracking throughout your trip play an important role in your security.

We combine use of GSM and satellite technology with access to privileged information on a huge number of destinations around the world, including big data analysis and social media monitoring. With a comprehensive communications suite, we allow companies to see a real time picture of their workforce’s movements while abroad, benefiting them from email and SMS notification.

With risk levels constantly changing around the world due to a security backdrop that is at the mercy of factors such as political and social developments, it has never been more important for organisations to exercise their duty of care and ensure employees have every necessary protection available to them. Unfortunately, typical travel management companies cannot provide the required technical expertise or security knowledge to provide solutions that factor in all aspects of travel. This is where Alchemy Global comes in, giving companies the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are covering all bases to minimise risk for their workforce.

Not only will you be provided with expert advice from the outset of planning for a trip, you can also count on rapid location tracking and incident communication which you can trust.

Alchemy Global brings together years of experience in the fields of security and travel, and is characterised by personnel who are leaders in their respective fields. Thanks to this wealth of knowledge, we are able to provide integrated travel and risk advisory services which form a critical part of our clients’ overseas work processes.

You can also count on Alchemy Global to uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring compliance across the board. This means all local rules and regulations are taken into account in our security planning and delivery, as well as adhering to the principles of our own Business Ethics Policy.

With a portfolio covering 30 countries, from work with the banking and finance sectors to international sport and music events, as well as royalty and dignitaries, Alchemy Global offers an unmatched quality of travel and risk advisory services to both business and private clients.