Family Office

At Alchemy Global, we specialise in providing first class personal security and risk management for individuals and their families who have come to live in the UK. Our range of services cover every aspect of personal security and are tailored to suit individual requirements, whether you are here for a short time, or contracted to stay for an extended period. Thanks to our team of hand-picked, fully trained and experienced operatives – most of whom come from a specialist military or police background – you can rest assured that you and your loved one will be in safe hands.

Settling in the UK?

If you are a high profile individual, foreign delegate or minister, hold a sensitive post, or are in the public eye for some other reason, it goes without saying you and your family are at greater risk of having your privacy compromised. You may also be vulnerable to more serious threats to your personal safety, including life-threatening scenarios. Perhaps you simply want to provide the safest possible environment for your family in the UK, and don’t know where to start. Whatever your situation, we have a dedicated team who will provide a security portfolio that is designed to match your unique circumstances.

Home and away

We can carry out a complete in-house risk assessment of your new home in the UK and recommend the most effective measures to protect your property inside and out so you can keep assets and valuables such as jewellery, antiques, artworks, valuable cars, and other items completely safe. We are also experts at vetting staff or other employees you are considering taking on during your time in the UK, by carrying out discreet background checks. That way you’ll know exactly who you are placing your trust in.

We can also screen and oversee contractors and carry out due diligence on your behalf, ensuring your family isn’t put at risk at any stage from prying eyes, paparazzi, or a more serious threat. Away from home, we can provide travel security advice for you and your dependents, backed up with the appropriate level of protective surveillance, where necessary. We can also deliver optimised support for your children if they are planning a gap year, or travelling alone.

Your family, your security

In short, you can trust us to do whatever it takes to help your family lead their day-to-day lives safely and securely by drawing on our expertise and experience in this area and deploying our trusted network of operatives for added support where necessary.