Corporate Security

First class corporate security and risk management for your business

Business is now global, conducted in myriad environments, from the steel and glass financial districts of London to some of the most remote and hostile locations in the developing world.

Our corporate security services are global, too, holistically designed to be tailored to the specific needs of your business, using internationally established risk principles. Many global businesses have legitimate concerns around staff safety, especially where they are operating in politically unstable locations where infrastructure and domestic security is poor.

At Alchemy we provide overarching security for your corporate interests, from the protection of staff and premises around the world to security checks on potential hires, business partners and supply chains.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of corporate security services, we offer complete Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) solutions designed to address every aspect of security management, including physical, cyber, information, loss prevention, asset management, threat management, resilience, workplace violence, fraud, brand protection and travel safety.

Travel risk management

Our in-house training for your staff is adapted to the country where you are doing business and is sensitive to local etiquette and protocols. We can help expedite clearance through immigration and customs at certain airports and provide secure transportation to and from the airport as well as between in-country venues. And because we have an unrivalled network of trusted overseas personnel, we can also provide locally sourced bespoke intelligence.

On the ground security

Your global operational resilience is our first priority, and so we offer an extensive range of on the ground security services to ensure business continuity at all times. From the physical penetration testing of buildings to ethical penetration testing of IT systems and implantation of counter-measures to prevent commercial espionage, our experience and expertise means you’re fully protected for as long as you need us.

On-site protection and training

We provide protection for senior management and staff on site in periods of local unrest, during industrial action, forced redundancy programmes and/or the permanent closure of operational sites.

We can also train staff in conflict management, physical intervention, safe use of social media and first aid.