Concierge Services

We offer a bespoke concierge service to clients to help them get the best out of all the capital cities that the world has to offer, while knowing their personal security is protected. Our range of concierge services will appeal to high profile individuals such as sportsmen and women, celebrities, public figures, and those in sensitive posts who attach the highest importance to their privacy, safety and security, as they move about the city. Our concierge services can also ensure the security of your dependents and any business associates, or colleagues, where appropriate.

Getting around

Whether you are visiting a city for a just a few days, or settling for an extended period, we can provide you with the complete concierge service. Capital cities are a sprawling, bustling metropolis with many famous landmarks, well-known streets for shopping, and other popular attractions. Finding your way around can seem quite daunting, especially if you want to do so discreetly and prefer not to draw attention to yourself. As a high-profile individual you may simply want to avoid the paparazzi, need advice on which places to avoid, want to know a suitable place to stay, or help with choosing somewhere to dine where you won’t be bothered. Perhaps you face more serious risks to your personal safety and need a greater degree of protection. Whatever your circumstances, our security-led concierge service can help.

Experienced, trusted, and secure

Through a network of partner companies and individuals our local knowledge is second to none, not just in terms of the physical layout of the city, but in all that it has to offer. In that regard, and once we assess your security concerns and requirements, we can advise on which hotels are the most suitable; we can make bookings on your behalf, and make restaurant reservations for you as well. We also offer a luxury car and chauffeur service to transport you safely around. All of our drivers are hand-picked for their driving skills and their ability to deal with planned and unplanned situations. Discreet, trusted and vigilant, with our specialist chauffeurs at the wheel, you can relax and enjoy shopping trips and other activities 24/7. If you require protection by your side while at a location, we’ll provide the appropriate level of security by presenting a highly visible presence as a deterrent, or staying discreetly in the background.

Put your safety in our hands

When it comes to personal security we know that one size doesn’t fit all so our concierge service is designed to meet your exact requirements. Call us today to discuss your security needs and find out more about our cost-effective solutions.